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Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges

Buy Blue Diamond Vape Pen Cartridge on Flavors Budz ! Wound up? Worry not! Blue Diamond will mellow your mood with its earthy sweet deliciousness. Treat yourself to this super relaxed, but surprisingly sociable indica at the end of a long-ass day. You’ve earned it. THC: 79.2% CANNABINOIDS: 80.6% TERPENES: 8.73%

Harlequin Cartridge 500mg CBD/THC

Our Harlequin vape Cartridge Premium is a triple-distilled CO2 concentrate delivers a clean, clear and high potency 100% cannabis oil that bursts with the natural essence of the plant.  These solvent-free cartridges also deliver amazing value for patients through their extreme potency, full terpene profile taste and next generation hardware!  Universally compatible with 510-threaded batteries. Harlequin Premium 20:1 CBD Vape Cartridge (.5g) CBD65%, THC:2%